Mar 7, 2014

FREE COMICS FRIDAY: Unfolding Comics


Hello, everyone. I've been hard at work on several projects so this month's comic is another oldie but has never seen the digital light. I've also been uploading on Tumblr lately as for my intents and purposes it seems to serve better. Please follow the link below to this month's installment:

Unfolding Comics

Feb 7, 2014


People @ LA Art Show is a short piece about reaching out and sharing art. It's a zine/comic that I made specifically to give away. 50 copies were produced and all were left at the 2014 LA Art Show. There are only a few images to document it including one at the Van Gogh Museum inside the convention. I am very inspired by the #FreeArtsMovement and friends leaving free art around town. Read the story and then share it...

Jan 3, 2014

FREE COMICS FRIDAY: Dark Mouse: Poetic Justice

Welcome to 2014 and the first Free Comics Friday of the new year. Last month I put together the most collaborative piece for #FCF to date. Alas I had not posted it here until today but I was able to do so on my main Issuu page and it is one of the more popular posts of last year. I was fortunate enough to have artists I admire contribute their interpretation of Dark Mouse as a gallery of pin-up work to the book as well. In lieu of a post last month, please accept TWO digital Dark Mouse comics here this month. Enjoy London Calling and Dark Mouse: Poetic Justice

Oct 31, 2013


Free Comics Friday comes early for November: a very busy month. November houses Comikaze, Long Beach Comic & Horror Con, Division 9's Dia De Los Muertos celebration, and a possible signing in between.

Click below to read this months comic, get updated on events, and leave a comment.

Oct 7, 2013


Hello, people, art enthusiasts, artists, wanderers, friends, and family. This month's comic was inspired by current politics and the Power Rangers. Click below and read on...

Sep 7, 2013

FREE COMICS FRIDAY: Sequential (→) + Dark Mouse

I've always loved Sequential Art (comics, film, photo, video). The human brain automatically builds a story between two separate images even though they could be entirely unrelated. I try and explore that idea specifically in this month's comic: Sequential.

Aug 1, 2013

FREE COMICS FRIDAY: The Drawer - Conclusion

Welcome to August 2nd: Free Comics Friday for the 8th month of 2013. Today we conclude The Drawer. Click on the comic above to find out what other dark and scary things are hiding in the story. Last month's monster wasn't the only thing at the bottom of The Drawer.