Feb 11, 2016

Long Beach Comic Expo & WonderCon 2016

LBCEx (February 20 & 21) and WC (March 25 & 27) are fast approaching. My latest self-published books will be on hand along with lots of original art and comics. Looking forward to those events very much.

Look for me at Artist Alley table G6 (yes, like the plane) in Long Beach in a short week. Check my Instagram (@eyedraugh) for the latest on table locations at WonderCon in March. 

I look forward to meeting many more people like these cosplayers and generally rad folk I met at previous cons. See you all soon at Long Beach Comic Expo 2016! 

Feb 6, 2016

City of Commerce Library's COMIC BOOK INVASION 2015

Here's a video from the City of Commerce's Comic Book Invasion event last year. Was real nice to see a city engaging the comic book/pop culture community like that. Had a fun time participating.

Comic Book Invasion 
City of Commerce Public Library

Feb 5, 2016


Hello and welcome to the first Free Comic post for #FreeComicsFriday in 2016. As you may have seen, I recapped my lack of posts yesterday using instagram/tumblr/facebook:
So, welcome to a post of 7, multiple page, digital, free comics. Share them if you enjoy them.Visit them on my issuu page here: www.issuu.com/eyedraugh

See you in one month for the next #FreeComicsFriday!

Jun 5, 2015

FREE COMICS FRIDAY: I Used To Know Dark Mouse

He was arrogant and reckless. As an officer of the law, Dark Mouse made life Hell for the criminal element in his city and his fellow officer, unfortunately. One of those officers recounts an evening where Dark Mouse's whereabouts have never been confirmed and where everything hit the fan. I submit to you: I Used To Know Dark Mouse

Feb 6, 2015


Today is Free Comics Friday for February 2015 which means sequential art will be posted here today. Below is the first diary style comic in some time. For your viewing,

Jan 11, 2015

Blood Jet Interview

I met Rachelle Cruz at last year's Comikaze Expo and she asked for an interview regarding The Shadow People - my most recent self-published/augmented reality venture. Find a link to the interview below. She was very nice and this is my first podcast interview. Thanks for the time:

Blood Jet Writing Hour: Nathaniel Osollo


Nov 9, 2014

FREE COMICS FRIDAY x Shadow People x Art Updates

The past month or so has been very busy (new book!). Below is November's free comic, A Prologue to the Shadow People, followed by a brief recap of the last few weeks...
Long Beach Comic Con: Teamed-up with Evan Spears and sold comics, prints, and made art.

Comikaze: Teamed with Evan again, Sheika Lugtu, to sell comics, prints, and make art, AND unveiled my new augmented reality comic, The Shadow People. Video courtesy of Liz Ohanesian.

Riverside Art Walk: Made some zombie portraits of patrons.

Reflection - Art show with Collaboration X at the After Image Gallery: Had paintings and comics on view with the rest of the CX crew. You can see some Shadow People that came along enjoying the party with folks in the pics below.